Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Trump Needs to Get Moving on Religious Liberty

Marriage Supporter,
The issue of religious liberty is one of the most important for people of faith, who happen to be the key voting block most responsible for electing Donald Trump as president. Evangelicals voted over 80% for Mr. Trump, and Catholics went for him by 52%. Now it's time for the administration to act to protect people of faith from being discriminated against because of their faith.
President Trump's aides have prepared an important Executive Order for the president to sign that will prevent the federal government from discriminating against people of faith. Under former President Obama, people of faith were denied access to government contracts, Christian colleges were threatened with having their accreditation stripped over things like student housing policies, and nonprofit groups were threatened with loss of tax exempt status for failure to endorse the agenda of LGBT extremists, among other forms of discrimination. Presidential spokesman Sean Spicer said the other day that protecting religious liberty is an important priority, which we commend him for saying, but so far President Trump has not acted by signing the pending Executive Order.
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