Thursday, April 20, 2017

Hispanics Speak Out Against Sanctuary City Status In Chula Vista, CA

Published on Apr 9, 2017
Three Hispanics and one Anglo veteran speak out against Chula Vista in San Diego county becoming a sanctuary city. Chula Vista is about 60% Hispanic and is located only a few miles form the border. These four patriots were outnumbered 10-to-1 by leftist, pro-illegal-alien speakers. Many of the pro-sanctuary speakers belonged to union or progressive, special-interest groups, while the patriots speaking against it were just ordinary, concerned citizens.

The City Council had been asked a couple months ago by a leftist, special-interest group to declare itself a sanctuary city. Chula Vista transfers its prisoners to the San Diego County jail. So, it follows the policy that the county adopts. For that reason, it makes little practical difference, whether Chula Vista declares itself a sanctuary or not. It would serve the propaganda purposes of the pro-illegal aliens groups, though.

The County and California state have had a sanctuary policy for some time. However, it has been reported recently (by KUSI) that the County allows ICE agents in the county jail and they can notify ICE when illegal aliens will be released, so that they can pick them up and deport them. San Diego county has not been listed recently by ICE as a jurisdiction that refuses to honor ICE detainers.

The Chula Vista City Council declined at this meeting to consider further sanctuary city status. However, it is studying several other options for appeasing the leftist, anti-American groups, such as declaring the City to be a "welcoming city," declaring support for the new sanctuary law (SB-54) and issuing an amicus brief in support of the lawsuit opposing Trump's executive order temporarily blocking visas for travelers from certain terrorist states.

Chula Vista is close to the U.S. Naval base and -- like the rest of the south bay area -- is the home of many patriots, veterans and families of veterans, who often have Latin or South Sea Island backgrounds.

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