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Russian Hackers Attacked U.S. Voting Software Firm Just Before November Election: Report? Hang on here, this report not right,Obama’s bipartisan Presidential Commission on Election Administration (PCEA), which offered a stern warning about the “widespread wearing out of voting machines purchased a decade ago

 The looming crisis in America’s voting technology was first brought to national attention last year by President Obama’s bipartisan Presidential Commission on Election Administration (PCEA), which offered a stern warning about the “widespread wearing out of voting machines purchased a decade ago

 So let take a look back over the 16 year's that we have voting machine, stating right after 2000 Elections Bush V Gore , i start in 2004 and move on to 2008 then on to 2012 and end in 2016, what this show is that we had problem with voting machine over the last 14 year's , proving it's not the Russian's that are the problem in 2016,,but i do have a question for liberal's "  Read this question as many time as you like , to get what i am asking, you will caught on , so long story short , this blog , show it not the  voting technology,
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Here the question:  Liberal's in 2008 how did the Russian interference in the 2009 presidential election,  when you voted for Obama over Hillary? ask this question three time, that ask Liberal's why did you vote for Obama over Hillary? ,  ask it as three time's , then answer it,  you liberal's voted for Obama over Hillary , Obama had a better political message, then Hillary, so that mean's Trump had a a better political message, then Hillary,, that it political message, so flip the narrative. make it all about 2008 Obama Vs Hillary,

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  September 3, 2009 Diebold unloads voting machine albatross

The ATM maker says it expects to lose up to $55 million as a result of the sale of its voting machine subsidiary.


In the weeks leading up to last year’s presidential election, Russian military intelligence launched a cyberattack on a U.S. voting systems manufacturer, according to a classified National Security Agency report obtained by The Intercept.

Europe Rejects Digital Voting Machines


 http://www.csmonitor.com/USA/Elections/2012/1107/Voting-machine-glitches-How-bad-was-it-on-Election-Day-around-the-country, we go to 2000 bush v gore In the 2000 election, especially in the disputed recounts in Florida, there were issues concerning the ambiguities and uncertainties that arose from punch-card ballots, such as the hanging chads (incompletely punched holes). In 2004, the punch-card ballots were still widely used in some states.[32] For example, most Ohio voters used punch-card ballots,[33] and more than 90,000 ballots cast in Ohio were treated as not including a vote for President; this "undervote" could arise because the voter chose not to cast a vote or because of a malfunction of the punch-card system

on let move on to 2004  1. Theories that the Bush administration rigged the 2004 election are widespread on the Internet, with Robert Kennedy Jr. among the most notable figures to promote this view. Elements of the conspiracy include purging Democratic voters from the rolls, engineering long lines at Democratic precincts, and even deliberately rigging computerized vote machines to take votes from Kerry and give them to Bush. Theories mostly focus on the state of Ohio, which would have won Kerry the presidency had he cobbled together 120,000 additional votes.
But the supposed evidence of Bush’s theft is full of holes, and rigorous investigations of the evidence have found no evidence of systematic fraud, relegating these theories firmly in the realm of the conspiratorial. Evidently, though, it’s a conspiracy the Secretary of State at least partially buys into.

2.let look look at 2008 on September 28, 2009 A paper receipt of a simulated voting record drops from an electronic voting machine during a voting machine operation training session for poll workers held at the Somerset County Administration building in Somerville.
On Nov. 3, hundreds of thousands of New Jersey voters will slip behind the voting-booth curtains and secretly decide which man they want to be governor for the next four years. They’ll tap the screen on the electronic voting machine and wait for the lighted "X." They’ll cast their vote and go on their way, content that they have exercised their most basic democratic right.

3.San Diego, CA, August 10, 2009 -- Computer scientists demonstrated that criminals could hack an electronic voting machine and steal votes using a malicious programming approach that had not been invented when the voting machine was designed. The team of scientists from University of California, San Diego, the University of Michigan, and Princeton University employed “return-oriented programming” to force a Sequoia AVC Advantage electronic voting machine to turn against itself and steal votes.

4 on let talk a look at 2012 .US election 2012: voting machine 'changes vote for Barack Obama to Mitt Romney'

An electronic voting machine was taken out of service on Tuesday after being captured on video changing a vote for President Barack Obama into one for Mitt Romney. 

 Voting-machine glitches: How bad was it on Election Day around the country?

Long lines were created at polling places around the country because of a broad spectrum of voting-machine glitches on Election Day.

Electronic voting-machine jams, breakdowns, and glitches were strewn across the Election Night landscape, creating long lines when machines simply broke down.

In at least one case, a viral YouTube video purported to show a Pennsylvania machine "flipping" a vote cast for President Obama into a vote for Mitt Romney.
Vote flipping occurs when an e-voting touch-screen machine is not properly calibrated, so that a vote for Romney or Obama is flipped to the other candidate. While the Pennsylvania glitch was reported and the machine reportedly taken out of service and quickly recalibrated, other flipping was reported by news media accounts in Nevada, Texas, North Carolina, and Ohio.

6..Many took to Twitter to complain about broken machines, including those voting in Michigan, North Carolina, Texas, Columbia and San Francisco. Most complaints have come from New York and Detroit. ProPublica also reported issues across Illinois, Kentucky and Ohio. The Tennessean reported issues this morning too.
It seems some failures were down to depressingly familiar battery issues...
And even where paper ballots were handed over, mistakes were made, said one voter:

.Donald Trump claimed the voting system was 'rigged' just hours before polls closed - and said machines were switching people's votes from Republicans to Democrats.

The dramatic intervention by the Republican candidate came as reports mounted of problems at polls, including voter intimidation, machines not working, and long lines.

There were reports in both Butler County and Lebanon County in Pennsylvania, that automated voting machines would switch a Republican ticket to the Democratic selection instead.

And in one county in Utah 75 per cent of machines simply would not switch on. 
Trump used an afternoon interview with Fox News to highlight these reports - a move which lays the ground for a challenge to the result and the possibility he may not concede defeat.

'It's largely a rigged system. And you see it at the polling booths,' Trump said. 
'There are reports that when people vote for Republicans the entire ticket switches over to Democrats,' he said.
7..US Elections 2016: Voting Machine Problems Reported in Many States
Washington: People in numerous states in the US reported problems voting due to faulty machines, media reports said.

Paper poll books were being used on Tuesday, heavily in Democratic Durham County, North Carolina, after a software glitch mistakenly showed that some voters had already cast their ballots, New York Daily News reported.

North Carolina Board of Elections lawyer Josh Lawson said that no "nefarious activity" was detected and it was likely due to the system not being cleared out from the primaries in the hotly contested battleground.


Some Machines Are Flipping Votes, But That Doesn't Mean They're Rigged

8.Norden thinks the real problem is that voting machines used in much of the country are old, more than 10 years in most places. The machines rely on outdated technology — some of it is from the 1990s — to calibrate the touch screens. And the hardware is starting to wear out.


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